Our Team

Senior Management - Te Ropu Haututanga  

Tracy Thorn
Called: Tracy
Deputy Principal

Tracey Morritt
Called: Mrs Morritt
Deputy Principal

Katrina Wood
Called: Katrina

Classroom Teachers
Room 1
Years 5/6

Ian Eaton
Called: Ian
Room 2
Years 5/6

Matt Telfer
Called: Matt
Room 3
Years 0/1

Hollie Patete
Called: Hollie
Room 4
Years 0/1

Anna Lindsay
Called: Anna
Room 5
Years 0/1

Maria Hayne
Called: Maria
Room 6
Currently not a class

Room 7
Years 3/4

Sonia Monk
Called: Sonia
Room 8
Years 3/4

Hannah Kirk
Called: Hannah
Room 9
Years 2/3

Kraut Houston
Called: Kraut
Room 10
Years 2/3

Scott Higginson
Called: Mr H
Room 11
Years 5/6

Cass Kaiuha
Called: Mrs K
Room 12
Years 5/6

Steph Callis
Called: Miss Callis
Room 13
Years 2/3

Temi Nickolls
Called: Mrs Nickolls
Room 14
Years 4/5

Chad Prior
Called: Chad
Room 15
Years 3/4

Ian Herkes
Called: Ian H
Room 16
Years 2/3

Sherry Fink
Called: Sherry

Other teachers
Ange Armstrong-Lush
Coaching and Teacher Release

Cheryl Shirriffs
ORS Additional Teacher Support
Christina Wingfield-Smith
Release Teacher
 Kathryn Gregory
Reading Teacher

 Rhys Hill
(Currently on leave for 
Science Teaching 
Leadership Programme)

 Kelly Wilson
(Currently on maternity leave)
 Sarah Leishman
(Currently on maternity leave)
 Vicki Vlassoff
(Currently on maternity leave)

Support Staff
Jo Cullen
Finance Administrator
Linda Reid
Office Manager

Jill Joule
Teacher Aide
Kristen Lyne
Teacher Aide 
Sue Arnold
Librarian & Teacher Aide
Christine Mason
Teacher Aide
Fiona Tuck
Teacher Aide
Liz Kingston
Teacher Aide
Peter Edwards
Teacher Aide & Caretaker
Sara Kempe
Teacher Aide

Board of Trustees
Amber Stagg
Cameron Jack

Shane Wingfield-Smith

Jason Belcher Sarah Spillane  Katrina Wood
Staff Rep